It’s Sunday and here you are on SPT checkin’ the Slinks. Thanks. I’m figuring that it may be a bit too hot out and the A/C inside is so much nicer this time of year. Or… you’re done outside and it was a full day. Time to relax with that last cold one and take a spin around the Internet. Either way, you’re here. Did I say thanks? Yep. And thanks again. Here we go…

Why browsing the Web on your TV still sucks

When defending Earth cost 25¢ – American Classic Arcade Museum

Vapor trails and cones

10 famous fictional characters based on real people

16 funny video game mods – videos

Formula 1 technology – infographic

Alien landscapes on Earth

Skateboarding, New York, 1960

Origins of 7 musical instruments

10 enduring myths about the US space program

Just War (3:46)
Super Modern Mario Bros. (1:00)
What is a neutrino? (1:25)

Video de iPhone (1:49)
Game of Thrones theme on squeaky toys (0:56)
Halo 4 Metal remix (5:43)

Classic – Geico squirrels (0:24)
Kawashima Celica (0:27)
Marmite Toast (0:28)


New Zealand hop harvest (4:27)
Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project (6:53)
Kate the Great (23:26)

Bug Run Classic 2011 (6:54)

How a laser works (4:54)

Yoshi Kosaka’s Garage Company in LA (8;39)

Maeklong Railway Market (2:30)

Sport’s beauty (4:12)

Travis Pastrana and the Dodge Dart (7:65)

Apple II Plus rebuild and restoration

Project M.I.C.K. (1:19)

The Britalian Job (5:29)

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – Showtime! (3:26)

Santana- Smooth (4:20)

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