It’s Sunday and summer has shown up in full force here in the midwest, bringing 90° temps, some humidity and flying predators of very small stature. Patio time and the smell of charcoal lingers as far as the nose can smell. Time to enjoy life. But if the bugs get the best of you, we’re here for yet another trip around the Internet. Click to your heart’s content.

Transit of Venus – The Big Picture

How does the Internet work? – A packet’s tale (3:22)

The Space Shuttle arrives at the Intrepid

The truth about gunfights in the old west

The mechanics behind the old dial-up tone (Audio – requires Flash)

The culture of Reddit (7:57)

Upside down ceiling fan

Why you want to hang out with Bill Murray – multiple videos

Things you didn’t know about fast food

How 3 hard drive companies gobbled up the industry – timeline infographic

A brief history of video games (2:54)
A Mystery: Why Can’t We Walk Straight? (3:34)
The Archiver (4:51)

A Simple Song on a 5 octave Array Mbira (2:17) – What time is it on his watch?
Rockelbel’s Canon (Pachelbel’s Canon in D) – 4 Cellos (6:01)
Bride drum solo (2:59)

Diesel burnout (0:37)
The Mechanic Deck (0:44)
Yorkie shopping bags (0:30)


Strongest beers in the world database
Top 10 summer beers
Questions about canning

 Toilet stool for the Perfect Poop (2:46)

Some Awesome People That I Used To Know (4:08)

FPSRussia goes to White Castle… in a tank (8:20)

Poetry in Motion (4:17)

Incandescent Sun from NASA Heliophysics (2:46)

Cutaway F1 racecar (5:06)

Momentum, magnets & metal balls (5:19)

Scamander go-anywhere vehicle (14:48)

The Engineer Guy- Light bulb filaments (3:38)

Urban Outlaw, Magnus Walker (3:36)

Les Girls du Salon – the Babes of E3 2012 (2:15)

Traveling Wilburys – The End of the Line

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