It’s Sunday, the day before Memorial day. Tomorrow is the day we remember those who have fought and died so that we can live free and enjoy this long weekend, the warm weather and the barbecue. Today, it’s business as usual and we have a nice itinerary planned with plenty of sight-seeing stops along the way. Might as well get settled in and start exercising that click finger of yours.

Memorial Day (2:00)

Using patriotism and war to sell products

Declassified USSR bunker


9 weapons that failed (and one that possibly didn’t)

Australia’s Ayer’s Rock

15 most powerful sci-fi robots

The meanest towns in the old west

Ten biggest alpha males in TV history

The Girls of Bond (Imgur image – click to enlargen)

Proteigon (1:30)
Flairs – Truckers Delight (3:19)
Animated engines (Gifs)

A Spacesuit Ballet (2:35)
Eigenharp demonstration (8:53)
Monster Tabulum (6:16)

Alfred Hitchcock’s cure for insomnia (0:38)
Cow moos, llama laughs (0:29)
Only in Russia (0:45)


Cicerone vs. Sommelier
American Brewing History
Bowser Beer – a brew for dogs (2:04)

Ferrari F1 at Laguna Seca (2:13)

Slingshot Channel – The Oberfranken Steakknife Massacre (3:52)

Grand Theft Auto (2:43)

Air guitar vs. air car (1:03)

All 5 Of The Fast & Furious Movies – Just The Gear Shifting (1:42)

How a smartphone knows up from down (4:24)

60 – Numberphile (3:51)

Venice in a Day – timelapse (3:23)

Belt sander races (2:36)

Hooters girl hula hooper (3:12)

Steely Dan – Do it Again

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