Frankly speaking

Welcome once again to Frank drops his pants and exposes his secret webite thoughts. It’s not as serious as all that, but more along the lines of the state of the site as viewed from Frank’s pants. Pfft!

Readership on SPT is on a very slow upward slope. Some days, especially Monday and Wednesday, the visit meter peaks and approaches 2,000. Not quite yet, but we’re getting there. The Dark Lord Day post and the review of the beer the following weekend caused a nice blip in the otherwise boring curve.

I’m still trying to fit Week Links and Nice Pics into the rotation of posts, but it just hasn’t clicked in yet. Soon enough, it will dawn on me, just like tomorrow will.

I’m taking full advantage of unclickable images. Why send the reader to a new page with the same miniature sized picture? In retrospect, I wonder why I didn’t think of it sooner. I also enjoy posting a shit-load of images without going through the gallery plugin. So nice to just scroll through some images and click the ones that are interesting to open full size in a new window.

The Thursday Jiffs have become one of my favorite subjects to post. I find myself watching the repetitive motion over and over again before I snap out of it. I have made it a point to include some racy babe-related motion as the last one, just to make sure our hearts keep pumping and keep us coming back for more the following week.

I’ve been thinking of diversifying the Humpday Honey feature to include more retro babes and amateur photos and try to get away from the lingerie models. The Linda Vaughn post of last week got me to thinkin’. Yeah. They had tits back then too, didn’t they?

Here’s something amazing… after charging the battery for the Suzuki Intruder and installing it, the bike started up on the first attempt. It hadn’t ridden it in over a year and it started right up. There’s something to say about that StaBil gas treatment.

Going into the midpoint of my 6th decade of existence on this blue planet, I feel pretty good and can honestly say that, in spite of the body aging, my mind is still in the dorm… with all the pranks and humor and babes and beer. For me, I’m glad to be alive and have the wherewithall to be able to maintain this website.

Yes, I still like doing this shit and I look forward to posting tomorrow’s stuff at the end of the day. I’m glad you guys come around whenever you can to visit SPT and experience the fun that life and the Internet have to offer.

Thanks a lot for stopping by.

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