It’s Sunday. A time for rest and relaxation, especially today with the weather turning back into Mr.Hyde for the duration. Those yard projects will just have to wait (aw-w, man…) Settle back into that big comfy chair in front of the computer desk and travel across the roads of the Internet. We have a new map this week. Click at will.

Dick Clark – most memorable moments

April 18th, Holocaust Remembrance Day – in Israel

Space Shuttle
Preparation for the last trip
Flight over the National Mall
Interactive – Shuttle cockpit in extreme detail

The Super Moon of May 2012

10 Most embarrassing accidents caught on camera

The real story of Murphy’s Law

Phantom Flex slo-mo highlights

Las Vegas via quadrotor

G-Male and Siri: a love story

10 things you (probably) didn’t know about Mad Max

Pixar’s cereal bar

Skyrim Theme – Dragonborn Metal Cover
DOOM E1M1 Cover
Call of Duty – Elena Siegman Drum Cover

Offensive Photoshop PSA
Russian flying girl

> Jiffs <

The Case for Beer: Why You Should Enjoy it and Enjoy it Right – infographic
Respect the Cans – infographic
Cellarz – Ken Hunnemeder – video

Only in Malaysia

Bil Baldwin – Beard of Courage

How frozen pizzas are made

Tom Knapp and his Benelli shotgun

The luckiest people on Earth

Mustang Passion – Brazil 2012

Dogs and Frisbees

Mega Man X

Twingo bowling

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse makes YouTube debut

Rod Stewart – Hot Legs

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