Sunday is here and the Slinks are down there. It’s just one week until Easter Sunday arrives where the heathen husbands get dragged to church, the kids hunt for and step on eggs and animal feces out in the yard and another whole week of egg salad sandwiches and/or hard boiled eggs in lunchboxes (Try one with ketchup.) Ah… dontcha just love this time of year? (Rhet…) Birds building nests in open soffits, birds crapping on windshields and birds hollering at each other just before sunup. Soon the flying, buzzing, biting, blood-sucking bugs will show up en masse for what may be a six-month feast. And then there’s the bugs on the windshield, in the grille and embedded in the wipers to also think about. And the mud-daubers and paper wasp nests up there under the soffit as well. Hey. At least the gutters are clean. Shit.

As usual, there will be no April Fool’s Day pranks. You are now free to move about the site.

The history of April Fools Day

Iditarod Sled Dog Race 2012 – The Big Picture

* Wind Map *

What can you find in an email header?

Giant rats invade Florida – watch the video

Black Smoke Racing – Best of 2011

Stormtrooper image set – Imgur

Throwable camera bot
Sand Flea from previously

Kagemu 2012 – Man/CGI performance

The man who made things fly

Raving Rabbids Travel in Time

Whips and Harmonica
(A Biologist’s)  St. Patrick’s Day Song
Tom T. Hall – I like Beer

Freedom Flask
Camby from full court
At the airport

> Jiffs <

Beer Hunter: The Movie – site
What Beer Can Teach Us About Emerging Technologies
The Quiet Kingmaker – the guy behind

Human face video mapping

Riding the boosters

Drifting motorcycles crossing

The Art of Video Games

SUMMERNATS 25 – Australia

Thermite versus…

FPSRussia: Custom M14 Juggernaut Rogue

Jack Challoner Moto Trials

Porsche IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge

Fitness babes

Whitesnake – Bad Boys

Animal on drums


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