It’s Sunday. If the weather cooperates we just might get a few things accomplished today. Unless, of course, March Madness has afffected our better judgement. But then, hell… we have an excuse. Today’s the day for the round trip around the the old ARPANET now called something completely Let’s begin.

Unseen Titanic – slideshow

Rolls Royce Phantom Hearse

Virtual fly-by of Rome in 320 AD

Simple ideas – borderline genius

Under the Moai statues of Easter Island

Animated GIFs: The Birth of a Medium

The bizarre galleries of Thomas Kuebler

NASA gives a peek at Orion’s first flight

Benjamin Franklin’s 220 expressions for Drunk

The world’s fastest Lotus?

The Duel

ThunderStruck – the Bad Piper
Madrid street music – Vivaldi
Foreplay/LongTime Boston cover  (worthy repost)

SUV/Semi crash (horrible)
Lucky GTR

 > Jiffs <

The Magic Ingredient
What is beer lacing?
Get rid of pint glasses

Soldier one-on-one tug of war (Canadian/American)

World record for donuts

SpaceX: Entrepreneur’s race to space


Ghetto tamale

FPSRussia: AA12 full-auto shotgun

Deadliest scorpion

Supercar flybys

DOOM- the movie – first person scene

You’ve Got Male! – Victoria’s Secret

Three guys: a guitar, a bass fiddle and a snare drum.
Stray Cats- Rock This Town (1983)

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