It’s Sunday. You’ve decided to pay us a visit without leaving the comfy confines of your chair. Get your click finger ready and prepare for another journey across the void we call the Internet. All set? Let us begin.

AT&T kills unlimited plan

Windows 8 vs. iPad

Top 10 Internet pioneers

Susan Kare, the artist who gave computing a human face

Grace Hopper explains nanoseconds
Grace Hopper – Wikipedia

Get more out of Google – infographic
10 amazing uses for Wolfram Alpha

Excalibur: the world’s tallest climbing wall

Biggest car chase ever

7 manliest swordfights in film

Low n’ Slow – A Beetle film

Little Tombstone
Two Lane Blacktop

Sweet Child o’ Mine – piano
Street piano
Doug’s superfast ragtime piano

Driving in Chechnya
B-52 carpet bombing (no audio)
Electromagnetic railgun firing

> Jiffs <

Best canned beers to drink now
When beer goes bad
20 top selling craft breweries – slideshow

Aluminum ’41 Willys

POV mountain bike urban downhill

Trike drifting

All your devices can be hacked – TED talk; 17 mins

Drag Racing Nitro Nostalgia Funny Cars March Meet 2009
(should have put it in Music)

Holography how-to

Duck face: the race for the cure

F250 Powerstroke Diesel for sale

Hand balancing

Chicks with guns

Traveling Wilburys – Handle With Care

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