It’s Sunday. Another weekend without the oblong kick-ball. There are other sports outlets and I’m sure you’ve found a nice niche for yourself. Otherwise, SPT will have to do. We’ve planned out another jaunt through the wires and tubes of the Internet. Settle back and click away.

Carnival 2012 – The Big Picture

The 90s captured

Experience freedom

The beauty of Antelope Canyon

This man is 72 years old

The true origins of pizza

World’s biggest slums by satellite

The possibilty of bricking a Tesla

Navy SEALs – slideshow

“Steenking Badges”

The Imperfectionist
The Deadliest Game

Spandy Andy (douchebag)
Intel’s Industrial Control in concert
Animusic’s Pipe Dream – for reference
Destroyer – Kaputt

The Devon Tread Watch
Cyclist’s revenge
MMA: Best elbow of the year

> Jiffs <

The difference between porter and stout
Having a Craft Beer Tasting at home
Nanobrewing: the next trend in beer

How to remove your Google search history before their new privacy policy takes effect

Keel walker

Self balancing unicycle

Shaun Palmer GMC Syclone Pikes Peak hill climb 2003

This is My Home

Circonvolution improbable

Keck Observatory in motion

F1-style lawnmower concept

Making a wooden lampshade

Touching a thousand girls’ boobs in public (Only in Russia)

Back to the ’80s
Def Leppard – Rock of Ages

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