Sunday. A day of laid-back-ness, west and wewaxation. And fun. One chapter of the fun story for today is your visit here. On this Sunday and each Sunday, we lay out an itinerary of interesting places for you to visit. The map is shown below step by step. Click on any link in any order. Before you know it, it may well be two or three hours later. Or even tomorrow. Let’s begin.

The computer setup most Google engineers use
(click lower left and then view slideshow)

The other face of Mona Lisa

Building the Blastolene Decoliner

Everyone has a piece of the puzzle

> How to build a time machine <

3D tool printer

Van Halen and the brown M&Ms

FPSRussia: civilian legal 900rpm AR

Urban Side – paragliding

Sit Ski back flip

25 greatest unscripted scenes in films


Collapsing cooling towers

The Backwater Gospel


Gittin’ a little country
The Mizzone brothers – How Mountain Girls can Love

Shortnin’ Bread

She Was Skinny When I Met Her

Blaze of Glory

Tall/small bicycle

Husky exercise wheel

> Jiffs <

Can you brew beer in zero gravity?

Craft brewers reach for cans

Beers for nerds


Impossible is nothing 2

Shoveling snow – the game

World’s largest rope swing

Interactive – Create a state of chaos (Flash)

Driver takes his wife for a few laps around Daytona
(reference: Babe in a Vette)

How vacuum tubes are made

How to defend Earth from asteroids – 14 min. TED talk

Origins of 11 big box stores

Kill Bill deleted scene

German humor

Rob Zombie – Feel So Numb
(It’s Halloween all over again.)

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