Welcome to the first no-football Sunday of the year. It sucks, I know. But hey, we dealt with the withdrawal last year, we can do it again. The Internet, on the other hand, knows no seasons. Peaks and valleys are dictated by memes. What’s popular right now and what’s old hat. In between all the memes there exists the Internet proper with all the rest of the crap and gold nuggets available to the casual browser. We provide some of those nuggets each Sunday and today’s installment starts right now.

Extreme weather in Europe – The Big Picture

What is ACTA?

Unexplained object discovered by divers

Can we land on a comet?

Odd cars


How a CPU is made

Behind the makeup – magnify then scroll

10 least plausible film stunts

2-mile-deep crater on the moon

Robots of Brixton
Animated history of aviation

Portal 2 – This is Aperture
Here Comes the Sun lost guitar solo
Dubstep guitar demo

Lightsaber tennis battle
Mega Robot returns
Clark Kent’s close call

> Jiffs <

Ultimate list of beer apps for your smart phone
Making the case for canned beer
Dogfish Head – The Quest

Eaten by a Grue – a brief history of Zork

Sara Underwood at the Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot & Trade Show – pre-roll ad

Trunk Monkey

In Which I Fix My Girlfriend’s Grandparents’ WiFi and Am Hailed as a Conquering Hero

Close call with a cliff

10 greatest dyno videos – Jalopnik

Time lapse woodcarving

My Humbling Experience in an MMA Gym

Volleyball babes

The Flip Side (Bar)

For winter:

Joe Satriani – Summer Song

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