It’s Sunday, gameday! A day filled with football, gut-busting snacks, beer, food, a lot of yelling and cursing at a gigantic TV set and the palpable scent of testosterone in the air. This is quite possibly a bigger occasion than St. Patrick’s Day, which has all of the above, except for football. But St. Pat’s Day has spring going for it, commencing 3 days later. You’ll have to decide.

We’ve refrained from posting any of the leaked Super Bowl commercials that are online so we don’t spoil the pure enjoyment of the entire 7-hour event, but you’ve probably already done that yourself. Total enjoyment suicide.

Whether you’re visiting SPT before the game or after, the stuff we have for you today is no different from any other Slink Sunday. Well, maybe a little. So let’s get started.

The Game
Greatest play in Super Bowl history

Terry Tate – Office Linebacker

All in the Family – Super Bowl Sunday
– 23 mins.

The Slinks

Walking Caminito del Rey

Re-crafting the Red Wing 875 – used to call them shoemakers

The making of Funyuns

The Bullshit of Badges – Jalopnik rant

Morning Glory Cloud

6 things the film industry doesn’t want you to know about

Interview with Rob Janoff, the Apple logo designer – text

The Ruins of Detroit – slideshow (< >)

Take Turns traffic sign – TED Talk – 4:30 mins.

42 Saint Bernards – a lot of tongues and panting

IRL – In Real Life – game addiction
Slug Invasion

Sweet Child o’ Mine on sitar
Style Counts – Nike
Ghosts & Goblins – Tom Brier, that neckbeard guy by request

Hell Yeah Beer
The Asylum Door

> Jiffs <

Saison du BUFF – DFH, Stone, Victory collaboration
History of the beer can
Belgian beer cathedral – Imgur gallery

Things that always happen in movies but never in real life

Lamborghini – Ultimate Factories – 45 mins.

Vintage computer and software ads

Inside the minds of game creators

Miniatur Wunderland’s official 2012 video

The far side of the moon – NASA, not Pink Floyd

Ewok style treehouses – 17 mins.

Flake and Flames

Four jet cars race

NYC babes

Queen – Rock You / Champions

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