It’s Sunday. Consider this a day of practice for the weeks after the Super Bowl when football goes into hibernation. Not to worry, before you know it, opening day will be here and the long string of ten thousand baseball games with hours of boredom dotted with brief instances of insane action will be upon us. Of course, all your favorite stats will be touched upon by the announcers and highlight films will populate the nightly news. Ah, spring. Where is thy warmth? (Rhet…)

Today is a day totally for yourself. The weather is crap, there’s nothing on TV and nowhere to go but on the Internet. And here we are. Ready to take you by the mouse hand and guide you along on a new adventure just as we do every Sunday, game or no game. Ready? Let’s get started.

When Larry met Sergey (Google evolution in Flash)

Speed and Angels Mission

Solving the mystery of WTC 7

The Blastolene Decoliner

Scott’s South Pole Expedition 100 years later (slideshow)


Biggest Teahupoo ever

Scientific study on farting astronauts

Peregrine hunts starlings in Rome

Cholombians – Urban Mexican kids’ hair styles (was that Obama?)

One Minute Fly
Seinfeld and Superman

(All kids)
Graffiti – Still Pending
Zoe Thomson
‘My First Hardcore Song’

12 game-day recipes made with beer (slideshow)
America’s 100 best beer bars: 2012
A passion for beer

Boomer and the backboard
Unbeatable robot goalie
Draper’s GENIE System

Pool table car

Texting while walking

Corky’s VWs

Boombox in a toolbox (19 mins)

Multi-touch keyboard and mouse – (Kickstarter project)

Shooting the .950 JDJ

1970 – Nurburgring Nordschleife Crashes

How aluminum (aluminium) foil is made

Katy Perry’s cleavage

Largest model railway

Free – All Right Now

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