It’s Sunday! The weather outside is crap and in some areas, there’s snow out the wazoo in others.


The NFL conference championship games are on today and many of us will be gathered around our behemoth big screens to watch the games and enjoy a few snacks and beverages. It’s a most wonderful time filled with yelling, fist pumping and cursing at the mammoth TV as our favorite team has its moments of accomplishments, injustices and failures and ultimately wins or loses. All of this leading up to the Super Bowl. But first, we will have a “pleasant” sports hiatus before the big game on Febfive. No football for two weeks in order to build up anticipation and excitement for the Big Game. Ultimately, the winners will triumph and the losers will be subjugated to the history books and feature filler videos on ESPN. The winners will progress to the big money, big audience big dollar Big Game. The Super Bowl. But not for another two weeks, all by design.

There will be highlight films for hours/days. There will be analyses of the games past and how the team will stand up in the Big Game. Magnificent slow-motion video programs will be created showing off each team’s entire season to date. Predictions will be made and stats will be statted. We wait out the hours before the Big Game and plan how we will make the time even more special than the final playoffs were.

Super Bowl Sunday is the day where we repeat the above stated procedure only with more monstrous TVs (“My buddy, Joe has a 93-inch, 3D, 4G, LTE widescreen and a bar with Bud Light Lime on tap in his basement.” or “We’re going to the Third-and-Long Sports bar because they have ten thousand widescreen TVs and one hundred of ’em are mounted in the floor. And you should check out their Men’s Room.”) better quality snacks in more copious quantities and beverages from the farthest reaches of the planet, served in a Walmart iced tea set-of-16 tumbler, bar glass, or plastic Solo cup. More team triumphs and ignominies, more fist pumping, yelling, cursing and more overturned bowls of nachos and spilled beers and carpet stains. It will be a day to be remembered. Apologies and regrets will cover the nation along with sunken egos and chest bumping pride.

Until reality sets in. No more football for at least 6 more months.


(It didn’t start out as a rant, but as the typing progressed, I ran with it.)

Finally, the Slinks are upon us, whatever day today is.

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