Frankly speaking

Life goes on. The SOPA/PIPA bills have been rescinded only to reappear in the future under the guise of something related to child pornography. I am so disheartened at the path the government is going down. It makes me think that if we are dumb enough to elect these bozos, then maybe we deserve the stupid rules that they impose upon us. It’s way past the time to wise up. Enough about politics. I hate the subject just because of what I just said.

I have taken down the red stop sign in the right sidebar and thought it would be interesting to put up a new featurette similar to the old Musclecar of the Day. Just found it yesterday and I’ll be looking at it every day just as you will. If it gets a little bland (how can cars get bland? Rhet…) I’ll find something else. I also want to put up some sort of daily beer-related thingie there as well. Ah, another Quest!

Winter is here and the Manly Garage is closed for the season which means brew-in-a-bag homebrews are on the back burner (there’s some sort of joke or pun in there but I can’t find it.) Propane and large cauldrons of boiling wort don’t quite fit into an indoor kitchen environment. I do, however, have a dynamite extract recipe which I can do inside on the stove in the kitchen. With my wife scrutinizing my every move and spill and mess-up. It’ll be great. All I need is for my finances to build back up after the Christmas assault. And I’ve been pounding the hell out of my credit card the past few weeks buying exotic beers for review. Still quite solvent, though, but not comfortably so.

Two projects that I’ve started and never finished will be undertaken anew when the warm weather gets here: more time astride the Suzuki Intruder and finish the kegerator. For both projects, I have all the parts. For the motorcycle, I have the desire to get back on again and gain ultimate confidence of man over machine. Kegerator: I need to drill one 7/8″ hole for the tap in the wooden collar which is already built, stain it, silicone caulk it to the base, remount the lid, attach the new temp controller and fire ‘er up. Or down, if you’re thinking temp. The box will hold two kegs and a CO2 cylinder nicely with room to spare for stray bombers and sixpacks that may come my way. If only I didn’t have to work and still had an income. I said that back when I was in my early thirties and I’m still saying it. Hell, we all say that.

I’m going to start featuring animated gifs this coming Thursday. I’ve talked about it in the past and I can see no reason to not do it. I have a decent stockpile of them on the hard drive and three per post (like the Quickies) should be adequate for a start. I have learned that animated gifs on the main page may slow reload times down a bit, especially for those who like to use the back button in their browser. I plan to do a kinda thing where the gifs are in their own little world (<read more>) and don’t distract the serious browsers who don’t want to be bothered by puerile, repetitive animations. But ours will not be puerile. They will be magnificent. And only somewhat puerile. Maybe not all. A little. Just sayin’.

One of these years I plan on taking a trip around the world in a giant quadrotor. I’ll bring along with me three babes, one blonde, one redhead and one butt-ugly babe as a reality check. I plan to drink many exotic malted beverages out of whatever vessel appeals to me at the time. An old shoe comes to mind. I hope to ride a camel, an elephant, a pterodactyl (may be difficult,) a sperm whale and a giant spider. I would hope to learn 50 languages or at least all of their swear words. I want to lift up a burqa and see what’s underneath. I’d like to preach the gospel of the benefits of not wearing a bra to all corners of the world, Africa not included. And I’d like to write a song for every instrument ever invented, including the soup spoon. And I’d like to not have to work, but still have a decent income.

The above mini-rant paragraph was prompted by a recent video posted last week.

Thanks a lot for stopping by.

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