Frankly speaking

I put up a stop sign last Thursday in the right sidebar to voice my opinion on SOPA/PIPA. Makes you wonder about just what kind of bozos we have elected into office and which lobbyists they are in bed with. To be honest, the passage of this bill would place the entire U.S. Internet under government control just as it is in China and other stifled countries. The Internet would be controlled through the government at the whim of the MPAA and the RIAA. The saddest part about this whole ordeal is how money and corporations play a part in government. I’m monitoring this SOPA/PIPA issue on a somewhat daily basis. I do not want the Internet to change. It must be a free blank slate for people to express their feelings such as what’s going on here at SPT. I will not preach about SOPA/PIPA. I don’t want my ISP shutting us down because of some comment or post on the site. You should be deeply concerned as I am. So far, the petitions and online protests have reached the Oval Office. We’ll have to wait and see what our President does with this bill. Enough said. You know where I stand. This is the last we shall talk about this.

So far, two of our four domains have been transferred from GoDaddy to Namecheap. I don’t know why the remaing two (.info and .org) haven’t been seemlessly incorporated into the new system. Emails go out almost daily inquiring about the time delay. They can’t seem to resolve the ‘send request for transfer/confirm’ email issue yet. I know what I gotta do when the time is right. For now I wait. I’ve already spent the money.

With winter upon us, I’m torn between two worlds. I have had two successes with brew-in-a-bag sessions out in the garage, with the the propane, the sticky mess, the great grain smells and the surprisingly tasty resultant beers. But with the cold temps and an uninsulated garage, it would be wise for me to try some extract brewing in the kitchen once again and put to use some of the techniques I’ve learned. And my wife chiding me at every move. After all, it’s her workshop. I have been given a recipe of a most wondrous beer I had ever tasted at a homebrew club meeting. It’s a recipe for a Two Hearted Ale clone that went wrong. And it was delicious. So sweetly hoppy that the hops almost put the malts to shame. Just gotta order the ingredients and convince the wife of my life that I’d like to brew some beer in her territorial space.

The Mighty Tundra, with 140k miles under her belt, blew out a SilverStar headlight bulb and later in the week turned on the ‘check engine’ light halfway home from work last week. Hell, she’s 10 years old this year. Third set of tires, second set of plugs. The AEM intake filter looks like a vacuum cleaner bag turned inside out. My sons are certified ASE auto techs and will take care of these needs. But… they have their babes and their friends. My quest is clear.

I’m going to start a new mini-feature here on the site. Animated gifs. I’ll publish some great animated files as a weekly feature, along the lines of the Quickies that show up every Monday. Personally, I don’t like a bunch of gifs slowing down the site performance on the main page, so I thought that a <-read more-> go to the next page would suffice just as we do with the SixPack Pics and the Comics. Thursday would be a good day, dontcha think? Watch for it.

Once again, I’d like to thank all of you guys who drop in from time to time. With visits in excess of 850 and page views peaking at over 2000 per day, we must be doing something right.

Thanks a lot for stopping by.

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