It’s Sunday! Another entire day to ourselves. Rest and relaxation are in order. Also a jaunt is in the offing (a journey is ahead.) Within the comfy confines of your furniture you can click through along the stops where wonder and adventure await. What the hell am I talking about? It’s the frikkin’ Internet! Have at it.

Facebook, deceptive privacy and the Feds

Carrier IQ
Translation from corporate doublespeak on Carrier IQ’s Media Alert
Carrier IQ is misunderstood, not evil
How to block Carrier IQ on your iPhone

10 unsolved Martian mysteries

Endzone showboating – classic commentary from Bob Costas

Mayan calendar may have been mistranslated

The Space Shuttle Astrovan

Worst war movies

My man, Sir Isaac Newton

15 most innovative gadgets

Melvin the Machine

60-second adventures in thought
Don’t swim after lunch

Spoon guitar
Seven styles of Tuvan throat singing – by the same white guy
Dubstep mime – bizarre

Multi-engine lawn tractor
Faber Castell

Sunk Punk
Kim Jordan – New Belgium CEO

Yen vs. Wu

Game of Thrones  –  season 2 preview

This World

Jet-powered minivan

West Coast Customs’ Chrome Audi R8

Saks Holiday 3D video projection show 2011

Finders Keepers – Heart of Collecting

5 odd balls

Sheet metal computer desk

Dutch student ass contest – follow along

Moody Blues – Your Wildest Dreams

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