It’s Sunday and alas, the final day of the long relaxing stretch many of us were gifted with. Black Friday is over and the wait is on for the next holiday to arrive with all the baggage that it brings. For today, we have another  jaunt specially planned. The first step starts with the first click. …And, we’re off.

Down the Gasoline Trail (1935)

The Zapruder film stabilized

The quest for every beard type

Fraley’s Robot Repair

India talent show – Warriors of Goja

The Copper Clapper Caper

Ten minutes of slow motion bullet impacts

How to make cotton candy

What drives Death Valley’s roving rocks?

The origin of Frankenstein

How the English language was developed
End of a Scarer
Address is Approximate

Synth in a book
Star Wars  / ACDC
1950s Rock & Roll

The Walker from Burning Man 2010
Chuck Norris and WoW

The rise and fall of an American beer
Craft Beer
Why do flies like beer?

Mustang stunts

Gallery of MMA Ring Girls

Miami Marlins shooting gallery target

All things soccer (German)

Celebrity boob job regrets

Hand-made mini v12 engine

The physics of slingshots (with that German guy, Jörg)

Goths (Russian)

Fluid coupling principles of operation (think torque converter)

Obonsam Besu (Devil May Cry) Ghana Movie Trailer

Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London

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