Thanksgiving Thursday

SPT and the staff (pfft!) will be taking the day off to spend time with family, food, football and fun. We’ll be back shite and briny on Friday with business as usual. Some if not many of us have Friday off giving some of us (if not many) a 4-day weekend. You don’t need me to tell you to enjoy it. Just don’t do anything stupid like test the limits of your liver. Or rectum.

Since we have a day off today, I just couldn’t leave all of yuz staring at Wednesday’s Honey all day. There’s a smattering of links and some videos, following no set pattern for those who venture away from the family to spend some time with us. And if you are here today, I’m thankful.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and the time made available to you. On an arbitrary Thursday at the end of November, accompanied by the “How can I also get Friday off” headache. Cheers.

Fast turkeys

FPSRussia Thanksgiving Massacre

Swedish Chef – Roasted Turkey

WKRP Turkey Drop


Turkey Wrestling

How straight-laced were the Pilgrims?

And now for something completely different (Yet completely expected.)

Freaky Frank

Messiest office desks

Ten 80s Movies that Will Remind You of Your Geek Roots

Why the other line is likely to move faster

Corvette ZR1 desktop PC

Infographic – Google’s acquisitions

Bricks of War

Be individual

Mercury Redstone launch failure

Dramatic mantis

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

It’s all about the Duster

Rammstein – Mein Land

5 drinking stories that put yours to shame

Jolene Blalock photogallery

Animal steroids?

Weird accidents

Cars – Let the Good Times Roll

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