Frankly speaking

The site is slowly gaining more readers. On Mondays and Wednesdays readership peaks above 900. Fridays and Saturdays it dips down to just above 700 or so. I used to worry about these highs and lows, but after being the Webguy for quite some time now, I’ve learned to spot the trends. No big deal, we grow slowly day by day week to week. The one thing that eludes me for the time being is trying to read the audience.

Let’s say we get 800 visits to the site in a week. But only 50 vote on the Nat or Not babe. Only 20 bother to click on a star rating for the Babes of the Week. One reader may comment on a post. The math here doesn’t work out for me. But then again, there may be no math involved at all. SPT remains a one man operation with no staff to advise or add steering to the way we’re going. We have one advertiser that only appears after each Saturday brew review. So we chug along doing what comes naturally for the site. I can remember when we first started out on ’08 and rejoiced when we got 50 visits. In one day. Math be damned, demographics is where it’s at. I must say that since we’ve gone to the HTML5 video embeds, readership increased significantly from my perspective. I’m waiting to see what the new Google Analytics revamp will offer.

Of recent note, we had a take-down notice arrive in email. A nice lady put it mildly:

I am writing you in hopes that this can be a very civil matter, and attorneys don’t need to be involved. In regards to Elaine Alden, she is most appreciative of any fan and promotion of her modeling that reflects her in a positive light, however, some of the images available and on display by your website are not so favorable. Any of the images that are showing implied nudity (particularly the photo that shows in google images of a bare breast with a hand covering) should be removed. I see as advertised, this is a one man operation, so I hope this can be an easy fix, if not, our attorney is slowly but surely sending cease and desist letters on a one by one basis, as Elaine Alden is in a trademark process. Your cooperation is much appreciated, thank you in advance.

Elaine Alden was (used to be) one of our Wednesday Humpday Honeys before the post was removed as the nice lady requested. I replied to her as follows:

I have removed the entire post about Elaine Alden as per your wishes.

However, implied nudity is usually why young, beautiful ladies have their pictures posted on the Internet and become famous in the first place. Elaine is beautiful and that’s why she was featured here.

Good luck getting all the other Internet photo sites to take down their pictures of her. That’s where I got them. You can can continue your email escapade with all the image sources that Google provides. I hope Elaine is happy with you by her side.

iPad. Sweet.

Have a nice day. You sound like her Mom.

Frank (the one man)


I intend to post this entire email transaction on my website as an explanation to my readers.


I’ve received no additional correspondence from the nice lady so far. But hey! Check out the Google search for Elaine. The implied nudity photo is still up there. I wish Elaine and her representatives all the success that they can achieve. It’s a pity that people use law as a tool and don’t see the real picture, implied or not. I do however, feel honored that we were discovered by this lady and then threatened with a lawsuit. That’s gotta count for something.

The recent brew-in-a-bag beer recipe project, Leheney’s Irish Red Ale is ready for drinking. It’s been conditioning in the bottle for about two weeks or so and preliminary tastings indicate that it’s a keeper. At 5.3% alcohol and tons of smooth, it borderlines that session beer/be careful beer area. Started out with 8 gallons of water and grains and hops and wound up with 58 bottles of beer. These will be the house beers until next brewing session when I test out the new 220,000 btu burner adapted to the old stand. I wonder what it would be like to brew a beer outside, on the patio, when it’s 28° outside. I could use the snowbanks to chill the wort.

Don’t forget, you can always get one of these:

By doing this:

Once again, thanks for stopping by and checking us out regardless of how you got here. We’re online 7 days a week (late on Saturdays) with 6 posts per day, Sunday Links and Babes in the sidebar. Vote. Rate. Visit the church or synagogue of your choice. Support your local Sheriff. Eat more vegetables. Donate to a worthy cause. Keep an eye on your sister. And always wipe front-to-back. Or however you do it. Just stay clean. And don’t sue us.

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4 Responses to Frankly speaking

  1. Tom Logue says:

    Hi Frank,
    Enjoyed your site for some years now. Beer and beauties – a great combination! I had to comment in light of this e-mail you got. If they means what it says “however, some of the images available and on display by your website are not so favorable.”
    If the images are not so favorable why did she do them in the first place then?
    Anyway, since those images are out in the wide world, trying to rope them in now is more than a tad too late. King Canute still lives, eh.
    Greatly enjoy reading your beer reviews. Keep up your good work.

  2. fcgrabo says:

    We are of like minds, good sir.

    Thanks for the nice words and I’ll think of your comment from time to time when the world starts handing me crap on a stick. Guaranteed to perk me up.

    Thanks again.


  3. Bob Fernandez says:

    I gotta believe that even though your readership is down at the end of the week … your visitors is up at the beginning of the week and I’ll bet the time spent on site is more than the rest of the week cause people are catching up from your weekend post. Just a thought. Great site.

  4. fcgrabo says:

    By some standards I may be putting in a lot of time on the site. Funny thing, though, I enjoy the hell out of it and time just flies by for me.

    Of interest, since we started in ’08, there have been almost a million-four page views and a half million visits. That’s at least a yellow star. Or maybe a Pabst Blue Ribbon.

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