It’s Sunday! Rest, relaxation and football. Maybe with some nachos thrown in for good measure. But you’re here for the wonderment of what the Internet may offer. We have outlined a number of topics and destinations below. Click away at your leisure.


5-minute time-lapse roadtrip around the USA

Elk Town – Estes, Colorado

MyFord Touch glitches to be fixed

Iceberg forming

Apple storefronts

Amazing Blade Runner-ish short film

Naughty Clips

Buffalo racing

The Tweel (revisited)

Jet Pack school

How to break the speed of light
Starwars V Startrek

Sachal Studios – Take Five
Chica Bomb (girls only remix)
40 noises that built Pop

Back yard RC track
Surfing a 90-foot wave
Proper way to close a tailgate

Pink beer – Molson-Coors
Interview with Sam Adams’ Jim Koch
The secret behind the cult of Three Floyds

7 bar jokes involving grammar and punctuation

Electric multicopter – first manned flight

Pack rifle/fishing pole

How to make a laser microscope

Murmuration of starlings

11/10/83 – Gates opens Windows early

Bus adverts

Prosthetic donkey mask

Camaro: Heritage

50 rules for dads with daughters

Styx – Blue Collar Man

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