It’s Sunday and it looks like you have some time. Good. How about we take another trip across the void and stop every so often before returning. We do this every Sunday and each time, it’s different. Ready? Here we go.

Getting Halloween out of our systems
Smashing pumpkins in slo-mo
Freddy vs. Jason – The Rematch
Crawling zombie prop (Quickie)

Famous people Photoshopped into midgets

Microsoft’s Productivity Future Vision

Southwest Airlines – The making of Florida One

Dead fly art

Disney rendering (Processor intensive)

Hot air balloon crash in China

7 gadgets that won’t be around in 2020

Why does the Earth spin?

Daylight Saving Time explained (skip the preroll ad)

2011: A Space Adventure
Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax
The Beavis and Butthead Video Glossary

Michael Winslow – Whole Lotta Love
Changes – Lewes New School
Clone Duet (Nice shirt)

Drifting a Sierra wagon on a wet track
1993 Volvo 440
20 movie facepunches

World’s Best Beer list
Miller, it’s Australian for Cheap Beer
Reinventing Beer – Sam Calagione speaks at TED

Japan – 6 months since the tsunami

The Carpenter

Penn & Teller explain Balls & Cups

Developement of the Chevy Vega

Tug Toner

Calvin & Hobbes search engine

Odd guitars

Real life flea circus

The true origins of pizza

Super bus

Rammstein – Reise Reise

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