Frankly speaking

Interestingly, visits to the site have increased by a relatively significant factor. Last monday, over a thousand visitors landed here for one reason or another. Of special note to myself is the fact that some folks search for beer reviews. Of course, the babes are still quite popular, bouncing around from one Humpday Honey to the next, with an occasional click on “All the Babes” showing up almost daily.

I gotta hand it to the WordPress people for making a really nice platform for getting this stuff out there. The plugins and addons do all the stuff for me, cutting my daily posting time to a minimum. One of the best plugins we use is the Akismet spam comment filter.

Every day the site gets comment spam from bots. Look at some of the shit that they say:

I have placed the Akismet label way down at the bottom, in the right sidebar, counting the number of comment spam that it has blocked. Perhaps you’ve noticed.

The number increases every day as I delete them. The best part is that Akismet catches 99.99% of the spam. The ‘worst’ part is that I have to actually, physically click the mouse button to delete them. So what? The plugin does all the work. One less worry when using WordPress.

While visiting every day, I’ve noticed that their videos have an HTML5 label across the screen (I have Flashblock activated.) Using Firefox, the videos don’t play and show up as an unclickable blank screen. Disabling the addons still results in no video. However, if I use Safari, the videos there are available to be viewed. There’s something going on there. (It may have to do with the fact that I use a Mac.) Gotta look into that.

Since SPT is, for the most part, a video site, making the videos we present daily available for viewing on mobile devices has increased our readership significantly. But it took a WP plugin to do it. Daily posting on SPT has become relatively easy in comparison to the beginning days. I really look forward to it.

My son has equated SixPackTech to Whereas TheChive is mostly pictures, we are mostly videos. I’ve added them to to our blogroll and hope that we have some ambassadors out there.

Are you looking towards the future? Halloween rears its ugly kid-head on Monday and there’s little/much to look forward to. Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year, oh boy! Snow, scraping windshields, shoveling or blowing clear paths, four-inch-thick coats and gloves, buying gifts (“Does this stocking cap make my head look big?”) Who has what holiday at their parents’ and what should we buy/what should we bring? Whether we like it or not, it’s time to prepare. It will be over soon, believe it or not.

The last batch of homebrew is still in the fermenter after three weeks. When it came time to bottle last week, half of the vessels i had saved had cake and mung on the bottom that couldn’t get washed out. I now have two new cases of LHBS (Local HomeBrew Store) beer bottles to use for bottling on Sunday. Leheney’s Irish Ale will possibly be drinkable in a couple of weeks.

With November on the horizon, my weekend time out in the Manly Garage is dwindling. There will come the day when garge time will be postponed until all the shit weather goes away. I still have some firewood left. But it’s taking more of it to get the heat up. Such is life.

Thanks for stopping by.

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