It’s Sunday! You’re done doing what you do and you’re here to do more. Perhaps visiting here on Sunday is a part of what you do on Sunday. What we do here on Sunday is prepare and lay out an itinerary of visits across the planetary network. As long as you’re here to do more, and we’re ready, let us begin our journey.

The day Gaddafi died
Gruesome video


Classic car collections

10 richest criminals of all time

History of the Super Soaker

Steve Jobs
Who should play Steve Jobs in the movie?
Casting for Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs, Atari Employee #40

Geek tattoos

Everything is a remix: The Matrix

Pizza machine

Wake skating

CSI: Legoland
Good Night Internet
Revenge of the Electric Car – Unused intro

Revenge of the Electric Car trailer (theatrical trailer)

Enter Sandman – The Mini Band (8-10-year-olds)
James Brown gives you dancing lessons
Jazz for cows

The London Beer Flood
How the craft beer movement is taking over the U.S.
Beer bottle houses

Best sports cameraman
Escaping from zip ties
Lenz’s Law

50 of the world’s best breakfasts

20 celebrities and their cars

5 iconic soud bites in tech

Why do most zippers have “YKK” on the pull tab?

(You looked, didn’t you?)

How jeans are made

Motorcycle sidecars

Halloween garage doors coverings

Face swaps with Photoshop

Abbott & Costello – Who’s on First? (from 1945)

Inside Dropbox (and their Apple turn-down)

Classic Rock

Van Halen – Running with the Devil (Drummer may suffer too much smoke inhalation.)

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