It’s Sunday! The second of two days off, well deserved based on the previous weekdays’ results. You have visited here for the usual journey. A trip across the vast intertwined network of websites connected to each other somehow all at the same time, together, simultaneously and contemporaneously (just found that last one in the thesaurus) and redundantly. Settle back in your big comfy computer chair and burn some micro-calories clicking the mouse button. Shall we begin? (Rhet…)

Occupy Wall Street movement – The Big Picture

The tragic history of the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour

10 amazing close calls – slideshow

How patent wars are stifling innovation – infographic

Tape Generations

Sharper images of Apollo landing sites – (draggable center divider)

Call of Duty: Operation Kingfish

Osaka Station water clock

Inside a rotary engine

Mobile phone evolution – papercraft

Mighty Antlers
Tabula Rasa

Biting Elbows – Office Escape
Guy on a Buffalo

The divisive pumpkin ale
Beer’s black market
How NOT to run a beerfest

NFL on Fox
Home improvement catalog
Shoe commercial

Brands Hatch phenomenal last lap

Halloween: The Gentlemen’s Rant

How butter is made

10 favorite gadget and tech commercials

Ford Bronco for 1966

Vintage Epic Mealtime – Angry French Canadian

Classic Michael Jordan commercials

Awesomefest 2011

Internet Story

Stuff you should know about hangovers and more

Redundantly – Grand Funk Railroad – We’re an American Band – 1974


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