It’s Sunday and here in the midwest, we are truly blessed with a beautiful weekend with clear skies and temps in the 80s. But you’re not here for a weather report. You’re here for the tour, another lazy cruise along some of the backroads of the Internet as well as a few of more common routes. Let’s get going.

Steve Jobs
The Internet reacts
Woz remembers his friend Steve
Steve on
When Steve gave away Porsches as benefits
Eternal Flame

A bridge too far

Where the name ‘redneck’ came from

Ueli Steck speed climbs Eiger

Top this for a speeding ticket…

Cosplay actionThe King of Legoland

When Elvis met the Beatles


Carl Sagan’s influnce on Neil Tyson

The beer painter

What Light
Little Big Love
The King of Legoland

Don’t hold back, just push things forward
Party Rock Anthem – Ohio University Marching Band
Trailer Trash

Screw you, and your man card
The Brothers Brew
DogFish Head profiled

Hommage à Rambo
To Arthur!
You got mail!

It’s official: Google+ will be connected to everything

10 memorable Blaxploitation films

What are continents?

How jeans are made

Pictures of the Titanic

Isle of Man motorcycle race crashes

12 things you didn’t know about Where’s Waldo

Hubble ultra deep field

The past and future of famous logos

Sixpack babes

Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son

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