It’s Sunday! More football. The weather has given us a break with temps in the low 70s. But it’s all downhill from here. Except for football. Whether it’s before or after the game(s) and all the crap beer commercials, you’ve wound up here for a Sunday journey. Step lively, we have a long way to go.

Japan earthquake: six months later

Extreme sports compilation

iPad 5 vs. Windows 8 Slate

10 myths about ancient Egypt

Change of command aboard the ISS

Shatner – Star Trek vs. Star Wars

10 most awesome car doors – slideshow

Heather Ridge – aerial tilt-shift

How the Beatles officially ended

The Museum of Obsolete Objects – interactive

Sexual innuendos in cartoons
Dirty mind drawings
Xtreme Beach Volleyball – 20 sec. intro

Glass harp
Guys vs. cartoon
Maschine Mikro – Data? Is that you?
Data – White and Nerdy

Amazing pole dancer
Military rooster

Why I’m not trying to rip you off when I fix your car

Why I don’t drink Budweiser… and why I’m not alone

Smart meters

Jalopy Fest 2011 Flickr set – missed it


Atari punk console

How Will Shortz edits a NYT crossword puzzle

Vladimir Putin – Action Man

New images of Apollo lunar landing sites

Black out! – Jones Big Ass Truck Rental

Gary Glitter – Rock’n Roll Part 2 (What has been seen cannot be unseen.)

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