It’s Sunday and we’re all finally back to NFL fooball! Many of us will be/were glued to our TVs for much of the day and with more entertainment needed, you have come here. No stats, no analysis and no highlights, we provide Internet relief and wonderment. Let’s kick things off right now.

The 9/11 Encyclopedia
Television news archive
We are all Americans
Twin Tower cameos in movies
How has skyscraper design changed since 9/11?

Largest open pit diamond mine

45 years of Star Trek

10 hackers who made history

How a virus invades your body

Contagion: How a Virus Changes the World
Smash Bros. fatalities
Jonny Quest opening titles

Doom E1M1 like No Remorse or Master of Puppets?
100 years of style
Brass Farthing – Steampunk babershop

Saison cracked?
Does your beer glass matter?
DFH 90 Minute IPA equipment

Vacuum cleaner vs. fire
Boingy Band
How to drink water in space (Oh. My. God.)

Supercar traffic jam


Light from bottles

How big are solar flares?

Nurburgring on a Kawasaki Ninja

Poop splash elimination

Erno Rubik – creator of the cube

Epic frog

The state of Wikipedia

Raindrops are falling on my racetrack

Putting a face to the music

Bryan Adams – Summer of ’69

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