Frankly speaking

I find myself having the same frustrated, disappointed and angry feelings along with anyone who has ever experienced a failed hard drive or spilled coffee on the keyboard or lost an entire computer due to lightning strike or some other day-to-day anomaly. Sadly, the site’s primary work tool, my primary all-in-one junk drawer, Yojimbo for the Mac, had to be almost reset back to zero… and it was probably my own damn fault.

One day, late last week, I emptied the trash in YJ and when I thought it was finished, I shut down the computer. I was running late for work. The next morning the database for YJ had no version number associated with it and returned an error. Damn! I had nothing! Was it  me or was it YJ? Usually the YJ trash takes quite a while (almost but less than a minute) to empty and at the time, I figured YJ had enough time to churn and burn and finish with its updating of its SQLite db.  Nope.

A quick email the following day to Bare Bones Software tech support got the ball rolling. Over the last week, there were communications back and forth and I submitted a copy of a zipped Console message report. Tech support found a number of errors and said that if the data was that important to me, please submit a copy of the db and they’ll see if they could rebuild it.

I thought about that for a day or two. Those thoughts included questions to myself:

Do you think that there’s any data in there that could be considered compromising to my personal integrity or family?

Do you have an old backup somewhere else?

Can you maintain the site on a daily basis if you started from scratch with a new install?

I realized a few things during that trying period. I wouldn’t want to share my site’s data with a stranger. I had an old backup of the YJ database up on Dropbox. I may still have some stuff on it that I can use. I opted to go for broke and considered it a personal challenge.

I deleted the corrupt YJ database on my Mac and copied down the old one from Dropbox. Yojimbo works fine now but… I thought the backup was three months old when in fact it was 9 months old! When I delved into the stuff from the past that I had saved, I suddenly realized that there was a lot stuff that had already been posted.

Up to now, I’ve deleted all the stuff in a few categories such as Quickies, Animation and Photoshop. The rest of the categories I’ll have to sort through meticulously and whittle them down to pertinent links. Then, I will upload the latest YJ files up to Dropbox and have both Macs sync there instead of to a local copy. Additionally, I’ll backup the file locally.

What does this mean for the site? Jeeze, it’s hard to say, but for the most part, things will hopefully remain the same. You may see some stuff that’s been posted in the past, if you’re a regular reader. Just not a lot, I hope. But reruns (reposts) aren’t that bad, sites do that all the time. Even my wife watches Frasier every night.

To me, I’ve lost my comfort zone as it were. There may be an omission or repetition of one kind or another here and there, but for now and since I’ve explained it all, I think you’ll understand.Regardless, we march on with a SixPack of posts per day, hopefully keeping our faithful readers smiling and entertained throughout the week. Let the rebuilding begin.

Thanks for reading and thanks for stopping by.


All the Babe data is safe and unaffected. Whew!

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2 Responses to Frankly speaking

  1. D.V. says:

    Good work!

  2. fcgrabo says:

    Thanks, but it may be a struggle on those weekdays that I’m pressed for time.

    I’ll rebuild slowly over time and I hope the readers don’t experience any shortcomings.


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