It’s Sunday! For today, we have no content on tap.

However, I have pulled the following links from the Internet and out of my ass at the spur of the moment. The usual format is gone, but there is something to while away your time here. Let’s see what we’ve got so far.

Steve Jobs
My Ixperiences with Steve Jobs
Computers are like a bicycle for the mind
Dave Winer – Thanks, Steve
Jobs and Gates together part 1 part 2
Steve Jobs vs. Thomas Edison

Steve Jobs and Tom Edison, were visionaries and inventors in their own right. The two share common traits in my opinion. Both of them were geniuses, and both of them were SOBs to work for. But these SOBs gave us some wonderful gadgets, without which, we’d be lost.

PanAm flight

Zombie’s day out

The Oak Island Money Pit

Oldest buildings in the world

500 people – 100 seconds

Epic Mexican torta

200-round magazine

Red Green – boat hitch

Wingsuit flying

Duck Tron

Astonish Me

Escape from the City – part 1part two

An astronaut’s life in space

Button music

Alternate histories

The first lunar orbiter

Trump’s 757 jet

Shawshank Redemption beer

Triple play – you will watch it again
Sausage & gravy
Tortoise hauling old ale

Stun glove

How the moon was born


Orange Porsche

Origin of lager yeast

Stevie Ray Vaughn – Texas Flood (Too many notes.)

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