Frankly speaking

If anyone can remember biorythms, this webguy is experiencing a slump right now. Life is dealing me threes and twos in a game of high stakes poker. Allow me to explain.

I think it was Thursday, last week, when I decided to look at the trash file in my Yojimbo folder. It was well over 300 files that were either used or have been discarded for one resaon or another. Yojimbo is my Mac goto guy for stashing all of the interesting shit I find on the Internet. A junk drawer.

I decided to empty the trash in Yojimbo right at the end of my computer session and just before going to work. Usually, I can delete the trash, the spinning beachball will show up for a while and then everything returns to normal. Same thing happened on Thursday. I shut down the Mac and went to work. The following day, the computer rendered a version error when I launched Yojimbo. Now I’m stuck. I can’t access my junk drawer (with over a thousand links, pics and stuff) because we don’t know what version we are.

I have contacted BareBones tech support and I’m following their requests and actions. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until Monday until I get a reply with any hope for a remedy. The Yojimbo database is out there, we just can’t identify it as such for right now.

Consequently, tomorrow’s Slinks are right off the cuff. In other words, this is content I pulled off the Internet at the spur of the moment. I hope it presents itself well ut it will deviate from the usual Sunday format. Please bear with me.

With the stuff that’s plaguing this all important website of mine, I can’t guarantee a regularity in the daily posting for the near future until the problem is resolved. I’ll try my best to keep you guys entertained and informed on a daily basis. Ya know, this is as if someone robbed my garage. My stuff, my tools are missing, but I wait for the police and recovery.

Please bear with me as this problem gets resolved.

Thanks for visiting.

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