Frankly speaking

Things here on the site are the same, yet things are different. For one, readership has increased by quite a bit.

I really don’t know why, but I’m almost sure it was that new plugin which allows our video posts to work on mobile devices. Glory hallelujah! The coming weeks will tell for sure whether it was a fluke or not. The neat thing about the plugin is that it lops off a bit of HTML editing time on my part. I just paste in the URL and the plugin does the rest. Now I see that other sites are utilizing the iframe coding. If we ever run across a video worthy of posting, I’ll try it out. But if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. We’ll see.

I’ve changed the thumbnails for the weekly babes into something other than just eyes. Except for the Pretty Face babe (that would be revealing your hand, eh?,) the thumbs are quite a bit bigger. Check out this week’s examples. I felt that it would be more appealing to the reader from a visual perspective rather than the screenshot eyeballs and eyebrows of past weeks. It may or may not draw in a few visitors, but I like it and I hope you guys do too. I wonder if the thumbs are too distracting. Comment on this if you’d like. I’d like.

I wonder if the star voting for the Weekly Babes was such a good idea. We usually get over 40 votes for the Nat or Not babe but only half that in voting star numbers for the other babes. I’ve found that if you hover over the middle star, the graphic goes snakeshit. Time to dump it. Please comment if this upsets you in any way. Don’t be surprised if it goes away next weekend.

With summer being so unbearable this year, I dread the onslaught of the changing seasons, pushing us into autumn. Labor Day is the last gift that we receive at the end of the summer season and the rest of the year is filled with rain, leaves all over, dropping temps and finally snow. If last season’s blizzard (with thunder and lightning) was an ordeal, this year’s winter may just change our way of thinking once and for all about the environment and climate change.

On a personal note, my work schedule start time, which has been bumped up one hour earlier to 2 p.m., was nice at first. I got home early, spent some gaming time on the iPad and went to bed.  Now, with all the construction on I-80, I have to leave at least 90 minutes prior to my start time to make it in time and enjoy a cuppa Joe and read the Sun Times before the starting bell sounds. The future comes with mixed feelings. By the end of September, the “busy season” starts at work. Overtime. 10-hours days plus a few Saturdays. It’ll be spotty at first and then it’ll be balls to the walls until January. But construction on 80 will be done, my hours will go back to normal, but the time I get to spend posting on the site will be about the same as it is now. Short by at least an hour. I’ll do it. I’ve done it before. But that doesn’t mean I like it.

Wait… I meant I love posting on the site, but I hate being pressed for time. But then again, aren’t we all? Construction on I-80 will end, hopefully sometime in my lifetime.

It’s gnat season out in the Manly Garage. Every year at this time a couple of platoons of them invade my hallowed confines. For some reason, they like beer as much as I do. I call them Beer Gnats. They hang around the lip of the glass seemingly enjoying the aroma of my beer as much as I do. I can swat ’em and risk tipping over the glass, or I can cover the glass with a paper towel or something. But it’s a pain. I’m thinking of trying to find a homebrew recipe which contains DEET for an ingredient. Hmm. On second thought, I’ll just have to continue shooing those damn gnats away. I hate it when I find one floating on the surface of the beer. Probably drunk on his ass. What a way to go.

My next homebrew will more than likely be an Irish red beer. I’ll follow the recipe in the Brewing Classic Styles book using my newly discovered BIAB (brew-in-a-bag) method. I’d like to make more than just 5 gallons. Between what we drink and what we give away, 5 gallons doesn’t go far. That means the potential purchase of bigger vessels. When the overtime kicks in, that will become affordable. But then the time becomes minimal. What’s a guy to do? (rhet…)

A reminder… don’t forget that you can get some free SPT stickers to stick somewhere at your house, car or garage. If you get one and stick it, take a picture, send it in and we’ll throw it up in the sidebar on the site. Send a picture of your car, truck, motorcycle or other wheels and we’ll post in the Readers’ Rides. Or just send a pic of your naked wife or girlfriend. I’ll find a place of honor to be sure. (I dare you.) (Pay no attention to the man behind the keyboard.)

Thanks for stopping by.

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