It’s Sunday. The NFL draft is in full swing and our hometown baseball teams are either doing great or petering out. The weather is the only thing that remains relentless. Some of us are still in the throes of a heatwave, spending way too much time indoors in the relief of one of man’s greatest inventions, air conditioning. It’s cabin fever all over again.

Since you are where you are, you have decided to take a spin across the Internet. Let us either start you off or help you continue on your wondrous journey. And so we begin:

Ten bad car movies

Inappropriate place names in the U.K.

MS-DOS is 30 years old

A spin around Nürburgring in the rain

Every argument every couple has ever had

How much do your boobs weigh? (Thanks, Danny)

3-way street

10 most poisonous spiders on Earth (slideshow)

How Sam Calagione built Dogfish Head Brewery

2D photography Rube Goldberg

Heavenly Appeals

Rammstein Du Hast Acapella
(Thanks, Ben)
Star Wars meets Metal
My Favorite Band

Where’d he go?

Aztec pushups

Skiing ostrich

Mercury attacks aluminum

Kristen times 3 or 4

Parking lot miracle

Hexapod meets bot

7 of the world’s craziest roads

Game video halftime show

20 things worth knowing about beer

Building a hybrid roller coaster

Dirt spineology

Do ducks blink?

Photographs of photographers

Bed jumpers

Is Happy Gilmore’s golf swing possible?

This Beat Goes On/Switchin’ To Glide

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