It’s Sunday and the damn heat hasn’t passed yet. What we are experiencing right now is probably the same condition that the wooly mammoths experienced at T-minus-one extinction time. All the drivers are cooped up in their cars with the windows up and the AC on while the motorcyclists are having a field day getting the sweat and the stink blown off of them as they ride. Perhaps many of you have decided to stay indoors and that’s how you found your way here. As you wish, the Slinks are all nicely lined up below, awaiting your clickage. Have at ’em.

Burning questions about the heat index

The coldest places on Earth where people actually live

Is weather becoming more extreme? – The Big Picture

Stripped down Discovery rolls toward retirement

The future of NASA

The John Glenn story

Foods that could survive the apocalyspe

Model makers recreate Russia

Tracking device teardown

Advances in the technology of the pizza box

8-bit Tron Legacy
Car of Tomorrow (1951)
Departure of Love

Music (Drinking songs)
Home for a Rest
Bring Us More Beer
What Will We Do With a Drunken Sailor

Fastest shave ever
Crossing a busy street in Viet Nam
Nissin pipe bender
Apple Auto Sales, Charlotte, NC
The firejar trick
Flooded street in Russia

BMW 3-series assembly line POV

Amazing car stunts on video

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011

1971 Olds 88 road test

Porsche 911 GT3 steering wheel

The X-Jet

How to fix any computer

One of Google’s Street View Cars

A stroll down computing memory lane

Link to the Future

If You Wanna Get To Heaven

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