Frankly speaking

Some notes on the site because I thought you needed to know.

The plugin to make videos play on mobile devices was in full force this last week, and I discovered that Vimeo vids play just fine. But here’s what I don’t like:

When we dealt in YouTube Flash, I customized the video embed codes to not display closed captions or annotations. It appears that the plugin, as yet, doesn’t handle those things. For now, you have to click the little cartoon bubble in the video to turn off the subscribe-to-us texts and other inanity. I am extra grateful that Vimeo works with the plugin. But as I said before, any Flash video will be preceded by the Flash symbol just so you know. But when I think of it, why bother? If the video doesn’t show on your mobile device, you’re out of luck and you’ll have to check it out on your desktop or laptop. That’s the way it goes so far.

About a week or so ago, WordPress itself was updated to the next version, v3.2. It is in effect here right now. Some nice new features, but it put a crack in a couple of plugins that we’ve been using for quite a while. Of note, the multi-image uploader had its “Invert Selection” feature broken. It takes only seconds to work around that, though. The Brew Review Tables have lost their user sortability. The up/down arrows are gone. I’m completely sure that these plugins will be updated to work with the new version of WP, but for now we just have to wait.

My new work hours have put a slight burden on my morning posting time. I lost an hour with the new schedule. I’m surprised and amazed that I can do what I gotta do in the allotted time before heading off to work. So far, only once, have I had to post after work. Mondays are especially short. (I sleep in a bit.) There are still plans in the works to update the title header and the random graphics below it.

I thought about offering up some site t-shirts for sale. What works for me is black, with the USB SixPack logo on the front, site URL near the neck on the back. Also, a designated SPT beer glass. I’d handle it through PayPal. Packaging and shipping would be done from home on weekends. Quite possible in my mind so far. Don’t know what the reality would be like. And I certainly don’t expect to make a profit for quite a while. The biggest thing is who would buy SPT shwag? I know you’re out there.

We’ve stayed “on topic” ever since we started. Beer, cars, tech, humor… and a babe or two. Some weeks you get more of one and less of another and vice versa. The Slinks have seemed to mature. Ten topics, animation, music, Quickies, ten more topics and then a final, embedded music video. I like to call it “putting a face to the music.” I think that it is so interesting to listen to song that we grew up with and either see what they looked like back then or what they look like now.

It seems as if we’ve worn out the Auto Monday feature. But somehow, something car-related comes up. Monday’s Auto feature and Wednesday’s Honey are my two biggest challenges. I don’t want to shitcan the former because it’s part of being on-topic and what readers expect when they visit on the first day of the week. The Honeys will remain, but the high-caliber babes take some digging.

Why do I do this? Because I still love it. The whole Internet thing still fascinates me.

Thanks for dropping by. -FCG

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