It’s Sunday and the middle day of the three-day weekend! Nice how the 4th fell at the beginning of the week, eh? That makes it easy to decide to take some vacay for the remaining four days, or take just one day off before or after, making for a nice long weekend. Hopefully, the sun won’t cook you before you cook the burgers and brats.

Stay safe this weekend and remember whose birthday we’re celebrating. Fly the flag.


Zymurgy Magazine rates the top beers in America

Baddest Bossest Hosses

Facts about mosquitoes

Who invented the very first car?

Cap ‘n Hat Domino

Fastest Pike’s Peak climb ride along

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The history of English
The Incident at Tower 37

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Ariel Atom 2 vs KTM Xbow


The machine that destroys everything

Cheap beer slogans quiz
(I scored 10 out of 15 – 67%)

Pink Houses

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