Frankly speaking

Hey, it’s been a while hasn’t it? There’s time and some mental wherewithal left tonight to spout off on what’s new and perhaps interesting to some of you.

The site’s domains have been renewed for another year still with our original pick of GoDaddy. Many Internet users are against GD because of their racy ads during the Super Bowl and also because of their convoluted website with suggestions to get more GD features. I have looked into NameCheap and Hover as an alternative domain name registrar but due to time constraints on my part and a sweet coupon code for GD, I grabbed a coupon code for a sweet monetary deal for another year with the same as guys as the first guys. As of today and for the rest of this year, we’re still with GoDaddy and HostGator as our Internet Emperors.

Speaking of HostGator, their online presence has been damn near instantaneous and unfaltering. Posts get saved as if they were on my own computer. There have been no problems for weeks.

My neighbor’s tree suffered a high-wind rainstorm blow-over. The falling tree took out our house electricity source and Internet service. The silver wire you see in the pic above is the electrical umbilical to my house. ComEd trucks came within a few hours and restored the microwaves and refrigerators, while Comcast needed a few days. I cannot describe the thoughts that ran through my head about being without the Internet, and I surprised myself when I had realized that I thought them.

The first day of the online outage was after work. I parked in the lot of a local motel in town and told my story to the desk clerks. They had free wifi and freely gave me access to it. There I sat in the parking lot, in my Tundra, after work, sitting at an angle to the dashboard, with the Macbook heating up on my legs and my right elbow on the mouse on the console. The speed was devastatingly slow. Almost like dialup. It was well after midnight. I questioned the technological expertise of this town I live in as well as my own sanity. But I posted.

I stopped by the local BP gas station and inquired as to where there may be other free wifi areas. It was suggested that I visit a coffee shop nearby. That’s where Brewed Awakenings bailed me out the last two days before Comcast arrived. Great coffee with free refills and Comcast hi-speed internet. But I soon realized that the cappuccino-espresso machine, wall-mounted TV and visiting patrons drowned out any audio I was getting from potential video posts. That last day there, I was the dork in the window with headphones glued to a laptop screen. And I posted. With plenty of battery to spare when it was over. Thankyouverymuchhaveaniceday.

I have finally sampled my latest batch of homebrew, a recipe which was taken from the Brewing Classic Styles book by Jamil Zainasheff & John Palmer. It was my first BIAB, or brew-in-a-bag homebrew. The wort sat on the yeast cake for 28 days before I had a chance to bottle it and final gravity readings indicated a nicely attenuated yeast. 43 bottles of 7.3% ABV homebrewed IPA and I had my first taste Friday night after work. Subtly sweet with a great body and some hop kick it. It was an IPA recipe, but upon tasting the finished product, I can’t pin it to a particular style. Maybe a couple of more weeks in the bottle will bring out more flavors.

Friday I went to the Illinois Secretary of State’s office (the DMV) to renew my motorcycle learner’s permit. I still have a learner’s permit due to my rookie status of still being a new motorcycle rider. On the second try, a week later, after actually reading the manual, I aced the test and got renewed. Now to fix the carburetor problem. I’ve always begged my kids to go riding with me, but they have baes and cars and other interests. I hear stories from guys at work about some riders who, after 25 years of riding, finally take the time to get their motorcycle licenses. Perhaps that could be me.

Here’s a semi-rhetorical question for you readers. Even though you know that you can vote on the Nat Or Not babe for the week, would you welcome a rating system for the other babes? It would be nice to get a thumbs up or a 5-star rating for the Pretty Face of the Week and the other babes, dontcha think? If you’re up for it, I’ll see if I can get a system implemented.

Once again, thanks for visiting the site.

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  1. D.V. says:

    I’m down for a rating system. This weeks VBOW is gorgeous

  2. fcgrabo says:

    I’ll hunt around this week for something that’s adequate and see if I can get it to work in the sidebar. Thanks for the comment, D.V.

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