It’s Sunday! The day before the day before we have to go back to work. Not to worry, there’s still one more day before the day we have to go back to work. This day, being the middle day of the three-day weekend, also the first day of the new week is also the twenty-ninth day of the month and the one-hundred-forty-ninth day of the year. Now where where we? Oh, yeah. It’s Sunday! Slinks are coming right up.

Deadly tornadoes strike again – The Big Picture

A guide to Communist mummies

Photography – Moment of Impact

25th anniversary of Boston’s Harpoon Brewery

A day in the life of an F1 Audi driver

Borderline genius

Carl Sagan – the Drake Equation

Slo-mo – Nike Golf Juice Ball

Greatest RC Touring Car race

Make your Franklin gallery

Artificial Paradise
Meet Buck

iPad Garageband Guitar Jam
Music gear I/O dock (kinda goes along with the above)
Red Fang – “Prehistoric Dog”
SWITCH 625 – Def Leppard

The Fellowship of the Stunts

Beer Pioneers – Read, then watch the video at the bottom

5 words worth $400 million

Non-pornographic scenes from pornographic movies

Fano Flow

Martial artists of western films

Adam Crack: Whipmaster

Pro Mod Drag Car burns to the ground

Lego-style apartment

Real Skifi – urban skiing

Sexiest car hoods

Extreme scarification tattoos

Introducing the TV remote control

Speaking Klingon – Lesson 1 The Klingon teacher from Germany (Pfft!)

Bang the Drum All Day – Live performance, 1992

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