Frankly speaking

Last week’s panic is over. No more sweaty palms and dry mouth. The problem with the babes and the uploading issue was resolved by the smart techies at HostGator, SPT‘s hosting service.

Last week was an episode from hell for me. The babes’ images would upload all right and I could see them from my admin panel. But try as I did, hey would not show up on the site. Ultimately, I uploaded the new babes via WordPress to its post content folder, but the Norn babe from last week was edited with the voting results added to the image. Perhaps it was unclear thinking, a brain fart or whatever, I went back to my old image hosting service ImageVenue and posted the pic there. And sharp-eyed Norm emailed to say that something was different and that “it wasn’t my style.” He was absolutely correct.

Here’s what happened. The HostGator folks upgraded the server that SPT lives on. But they had to assign it a new IP address. I have a bookmark for the server admin panel in the form of “http://ip.ip.ip.ip.” Each time I logged in to the server, I was on the old one, a server which was no longer online but was still live for some reason.

Over a few day’s emails, the HG guys asked how I accessed the server. They provided me with the correct method of getting to their upgraged server using only text for my bookmark, “ panel.” If I had that text address all along, the upgrade would have been seamless and I would have never known. We are now back to normal, whatever normal is for SPT.

Domain name renewals are due shortly and I’m considering changing registrar. Leo LaPorte always advertises but NameCheap sounds pretty good right now. 40 bucks and we may be good for another year. I’ve owned, .org, .net and .info since the site’s self-hosting days began back in ’08. Incidentally, is still online. I’ve turned off comments and search engine visits, but all the old stuff is still there as I left it before I came here. That’s where some of the Classic posts come from.

I hope all of you folks who ‘friended’ us Facebook are receiving our (almost) daily updates. My son takes care of that for us and he certainly has a way with words and alliteration. Huh. English major.

I have 40-some bottles of homebrew stout hopefully clarifying in the beer fridge. This is the homebrew I had so much trouble with during the Feb. blizzard and yeast repitching. I’ve had a few so far and the beer is definitely a stout and definitely carbonated. But the roasty-toasty-chocolate part may be a little overboard. Only 5.8% alcohol, but the taste would make one think it should have been an imperial stout. I just may review it before I give it all away.

The last effort which was was my first effort with Brew-in-a-bag went surprisingly well in spite of the 4.5 gallon result. The beer has been fermenting for two weeks as of this writing. Next week… no secondary. We’re going right into the bottle. Three weeks down the road, it will be time to try some Big Bluestem IPA, the recipe taken from Brewing Classic Styles. My name, their recipe.

We’ll be taking Memorial day off but there’ll still be something there to entertain those who choose to visit. And for those of you who choose to visit us from time to time, thanks.

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