It’s Sunday and the weather is glorious! That is until the rains get here. Yep, gotta make some more mosquito breeding areas because what we have just ain’t enough. The rain will also water the grass, which will grow and then have to be cut. Again. Didn’t we do this LAST year? La-la how the life goes on. But as long as you’re here, the Slinks await to take you away from that… nature.

Mansour Bahrami – tennis entertainer

Bionic hand demonstration

NASA’s space toilet

Flying into hurricanes

Bento laptop hybrid

Drifting in Hungary

How ink is made

Post-Apocalyse wallpapers

Why do prices end in .99?
Why do gas prices end in .9 cents?

Sumo Lake
Something left, something taken

Formula 1 lap on slide guitar
Hip hop violin
Cheap Trick plus Mariachi

WKRP: Venus explains the atom

Flatulence infographic

Cafe Cowboy

Driving the Tamiya big rigs

White River flood – 2011 – the Moat

Hops that make beer stand out

Duke Nukem victim

Baseball rain delay antics – OneTwo

Virgin’s SpaceShipTwo feather flight

Mother’s milk

Remember 56k modems
Breast health for men

Capacitor explosions

Vintage ’60s drag racing

Big Gun – This may be where Arnold jumped the shark.

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