Frankly speaking

There is trouble afoot with the Babes in the sidebar. The new pictures in the sidebar widget will not translate to the html on the server. Tonight I’ve spent over an hour trying to figure out what was wrong in the parsing of the code, but strange things have been happening during the effort. And all of this shit after a beer review.

I apologize for lack of new Babes but until the problem is discovered and solved, only last week’s Babes will be available for now and the voting is shut down. The New Babes will show up as soon as possible. Maybe after a good night’s sleep-it-off, HostGator or the WordPress crowd will find some problem, or Frank will find some stupid spelnig misteak.

I wonder if it’s this Firefox browser or this MacBook or the Ethernet cable or this weather or something related to the rapture. It’s gotta be sumthin’.

Sorry, but hang on. I’m determined to get things back where they were.

And thanks a lot for stopping by.

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