It’s Sunday! Why do I keep posting about the Illinois weather? Because it’s unpredictable and it’s CRAP! Jesus H. Christ we’re back in the frikkin’ 50s again! With rain! Again! Sorry, I lost my head there. Nonetheless, we all have the day off for rest and relaxing and doing whatever tickles our fancies, if we have discovered where on our anatomy the fancy is.

The Internet is another story. It is still a mostly uncharted territory. It may take centuries to track and log all the places. For now, we start with another batch of Slinks:

Steampunk – The Edwardian Ball – Los Angeles 2011

History of tattoo tools

Amazing animatronics

How To Snakes

How Bin Laden changed America

Physical storage vs. digital storage

1960 Ford Starliner commercial

Sharpie printer

7 billion

Monster bug wars

Fastest & funniest Lego Star Wars story
The truth about dinosaurs

Angry Birds! theme
8-year-old Jonny Mizzone
Spider tango

Tricks with the TRex 600 RC helicopter

Too much sugar

John Cleese
Steer it up
Tree vs. Black Beast
Bacardi & Cola
Almost a good idea
Love hurts

How an Ikepod hourglass is made

UCLA’s first hand transplant

ISS tour

Beer bread recipe pictorial

Calvin & Hobbes snowman compilation

Beer tongs

And When I Die –  Live performances through the years

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  1. Thanks for linkin’ up my beer bread recipe! Saw some hits from here :)

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