Frankly speaking

The site rolls on into its third year with a readership that appears to be hovering in the 300 to 400 visitor range. I blame the warming weather with the opportunities that it provides. We have followed along with a couple of WordPress and assorted plugin updates to keep on top of things. HostGator seems to be performing quite well and all systems are functioning within normal parameters.

Personally, I hope that I’m delivering on a daily basis, some good stuff that gives you guys a good reason to want to come back again. I still love doing this shit and I’m glad that you stop by to visit when you can. Sometimes I think that the site is an obsession, a compulsion of mine, taking up my morning hours before work. So far, though, no flak from the wife or dereliction of duties at work.

For the remaining time, I think about homebrew and my next recipe. Yeah, cooking with Frank. My next foray will be into the recent trend of brew-in-a-bag where the boil kettle is the mashtun. I have all the equipment so far, an aluminum 10-gallon kettle with a brewmometer and drain valve, the giant grain bag and a burner to cook it on. All I need is to fill the propane tanks I have, formulate a recipe and get cookin’.

I’ve rather recently begun listening to Brew Strong podcasts during my commutes to and from work and I must say that although some of the subject matter sounds like lab science, I’ve learned quite a bit about yeast, the importance of temperature, pH and other matters. But I don’t want all the science to take away from the fun of experimenting with homebrewing.

I purchased a copy of Beer Smith and CrossOver for the Mac. Now I just need the time to muddle through the learning process and familiarize myself with it. All-grain brewing is not too far in the future.

The Suzuki Intruder has embedded a thought nodule in my cerebral cortex that compels me to ride it. With all my other time sucks (Internet, site, drinking beer, brewing beer) I must get back on the beast and refamiliarize myself with her quirks and nuances. The throttle linkage needs to be replaced or else it’s on to newer two-wheeled horizons. But I must ride.

Confession: I have a ’67 VW which I converted into a Baja Bug with a reverse rotation Corvair engine many years ago. The car has been sitting in my garage for the past 28 years or so. It still has bias-ply tires on it. I have neither the time nor money to get it back on the street. I’m going to offer it up to my sons for purchase and if they don’t want it, who knows. Craigslist? Ebay? It will break my heart to see her go. What a fun car she was! I’ll do an article on it in the near future if the deal goes down.

And so we move into summer after just a wisp of spring and look forward to all the warm weather and the seasonal nuances that come with it. Flies, mosquitoes, weeds, screens, sleeping in your underpants, grass cutting, DEET, high HVAC bills and even higher gas prices. And the almost daily roar of Harleys passing by. With all the shit that summer may bring us, I can barely wait until it’s here and I’ll hate the day when it’s gone.



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