It’s Sunday! More and more hints of warm weather present themselves to us as the days go by. Today you’re either lounging around on the patio in your cargo shorts or still wearing thermal undershirts and flannel. We’re stuck with baseball for the foreseeable future. Some of wonder wonder how the Harley guys can weather the weather. Others envy the Harley guys because they themselves don’t have a Harley. But all of us have the Internet and that’s why you’re here. Enjoy the cruise-around that’s presented below.

Japan’s crisis one month later – The Big Picture

Craziest motorcycle tattoos (Thanks, Ken)

Bloatware programs

Band names before they were famous

Restored junkyard cars

Yuri Gagarin’s flight

A tiny day in the Jackson Hole backcountry

Kiva Ford: glassblower

BLIT terminal (1982)

Mobius gear

Bits and Bobs (bizarre)

Waltzing machines
Que Veux Tu
Ewan Dobson – Time 2

Crazy fighter pilots

1960s explanation of radiation

Beers that will make you a man – or kill you

Building the Corvette GT2 engine

Misspelled words

Woodworking craftsman

Weird accidents

15 beater cars that won’t disappoint

Awesome bird toys

Microworld – Shatner in 1976

Commercials before they were stars

Sticky feet

Origin of Toyota’s name

Outrageous fountains

Cold as Ice (Lou Gramm)

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