Frankly speaking

I have a buncha news to share, if you care to read about it. Homebrew, work and the site.

Homebrew: I’ve been hearing a lot about Brew-in-a-bag homebrewing, perfected by the Aussies a couple of years ago. I’ve decided that this was the next thing to graduate from extract brewing and dip one’s toes into all-grain. I’ve made a number of purchases over the last few weeks and in about three weeks or so, the first batch of BIAB IPA homebrew will come steaming off the burners soon to be drunk regardless.

I’ve purchased a 40-quart (10-gallon) aluminum brew pot with lid. The wall thickness of the pot is 3/16″ heavy-duty with a nice spun aluminum finish. I’ve also purchased a Blichmann weldless Brewmometer and bulkhead fitting for a drain valve. I have a step-drill to bore the holes and all I need to buy is the valve. The hard part so far has been locating the most important part, the bag. I need some nylon fabric which will fit nicely into the kettle and fold over the lip. The 5-gallon paint strainers that I purchased from Ace Hardware are just too small. Some member of the MASH homebrew club recommend I look at Northern Brewers for the very same bag that I need. All of this is coming soon and I almost can’t stand it.

My last batch of chocolate milk stout turned out pretty good after suffering through a stuck fermentation, a yeast repitch and bottling. O.G. was 1.074 and the F.G. settled out at 1.028 with an apparent attenuation of a meager 63-point-something, but with an ABV of 5.8%. A couple of more weeks of storage in the bottles will hopefully yield a nice tasty brew.

Although I do have pretty much all the gear necessary for a true all-grain batch of homebrew, I don’t have the science of strike water, mash-in, mash-out and times necessary for a decent batch understood in my cranial cavity.

I finally bit the bullet and purchased Crossover for Mac, an emulator which can run Windows programs on a Mac without having a full-blown copy of Windows polluting harddrive space. In addition, I have a successfully running program of Beer Smith via Crossover and I’ll try to indoctrinate myself on how BS works over the next few weeks, if not sooner.

Work: A big event at work will take up a lot of my time over the next two weeks or so. The main package sorter will be completely torn down and overhauled next weekend, starting on Friday. Maintenance has been scheduled for 3 12-hour stints starting on Friday, finishing on Monday morning. Consequently, the rest of the employees will pull 4 ten-hour days which we will also have to cover. You can understand the time constraints that have been weighing on my brain for the last couple of days.

Site: With the above information given, I don’t know if I’ll be able to maintain the 6-posts-per-day regimen that we’ve all become accustomed to. Since we all know that SPT isn’t a breaking news story site, I’ll try my best to post all that can given the time at hand. I ask your indulgence and to bear along during this trying time.

(Notice how beer and homebrew takes preference over potential site issues? I find that odd, yet somehow comforting.)

By a week from this upcoming Wednesday, all should be back to normal, based on my work schedule. I don’t really mind the work (overtime) but it takes me away from the things that I love. Family, friends, garage time, drinking beer, classic rock and the breaking weather. I have yet to take the Intruder out for a rip around town.

Thanks for stopping by whenever you can.

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