Frankly speaking

The weather is giving us fits. Yesterday it was closing in on 60° when I went to work in the afternoon. Today it’s snowing and the roads are pretty slick. Mother Nature is a bitch.

The site sits comfortably at about 350 visits per day with page views averaging at 750 or so. Ya know, I think about those numbers a lot, but for right now, at my stage in life, it’s perfect. A lot of visitors pop in and then return again. The comments and emails come every so often. I’m spending more on beer to write about, but the satisfaction I get from running this site as well as drinking great beer on the weekends is more than I would have expected 5 years ago. I look at Jalopnik, the Presurfer, Neatorama and other websites who either have staffs of people gleaning content from the Web, or tons of time to each day to massage each post into a perfect breadloaf for the masses. Here, it’s just me. Plugging away, 6 posts at a time, before work.

In April, SPT hits three years online as a self-hosted website. Hell, we’ve posted over 5,000 posts since the beginning. Every day, relentlessly, 6 posts get uploaded to the Information Superhighway under our moniker. Some days I look forward to it, other days I dread it. But it gets done because that’s what we’re here for. Manly, humorly entertainment designed to get you in a good mood. It’s my hope that I can continue doing this and that you guys come to visit whenever you can. There’s a lotta good stuff here.

I have a chocolate milk stout still sitting in the carboy as I write this. When I transferred it to the secondary fermenter, all fermentation stopped. The advice I received from the homebrew club was to repitch more yeast which I did. The original gravity was 1.074 and the fernmentation stopped at 1.049. Last Sunday the grav crept down again to 1.038. Progress. Tomorrow I’ll check the gravity again and make a determination as to when to bottle this homebrew. After sampling this beer during the early stages, it’s too tasty to dump down the drain. Next time, no secondary. Unless I decide to add some fruit or dry-hop it, or add bacon or Ragu.

With DST lurking around the corner, my thoughts tend towards the motorcycle once again. Will it start for me? Will I ever get the cruise speed aberrations fixed? Will I learn how to maneuver at slow speeds? Will I ever get a motorcycle license? It’s my determination to spend a lot more time on the bike this summer, with the kids’ accompaniment or not.

So far, life is good. I’ve got some firewood from a coworker to help take the chill off the early spring sessions in the Manly Garage, and my son will move his Gixxer out making room for my foray into all-grain brewing in the garage. The mash tun is ready, I have a keggle, a propane burner, all I need is a tutor. Wait. How much is propane going for?

Enough said. I appreciate you guys stopping by whenever you can.

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