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February 27th, 2011 · No Comments · Slinks

It’s Sunday and the weather is still playing tricks on us. We don’t even know what underwear to wear from day to day. Thermal or normal? Gas prices are going ballistic because of climate changes, unrest in the Middle East, or stock market analysts’ fears. We bear the brunt of it all. Luckily, we’re here to woo you away from that for a short time. It’s time for a journey along the threads of the Information SuperHighway.

Waltzing hammers

How far away is the moon?

Beer via Qwiki

Australia’s helicopter cowboys

Steve Jobs and the blue boxes

Sexiest geek girls

Water bears

Ten of the world’s strongest beers

Carved candles

Most incredible swordfights in history (Thanks, Ken)

Organizing the bookcase
Sebastian’s Voodoo
A tale of two twins

IBM’s Watson on American Idol
Dancing robots
Flight of the Bumblebee on beer bottles

Gut busting restaurant challenges

Explosive grafitti

Fake Film Trailer: Live-Action Archie

“What is Internet?”

Coolest locksmith shop in New York City

Power of Decision – USAF 1958

Things you didn’t know about sperm


Megafactories: Rolls Royce

Popout painter

Tracking Google’s aquisitions

The majestic plastic bag

Chinese PBR – $44 a bottle

Over the top woodcarver

Twilight Zone


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