It’s Sunday and we are challenged both mentally and climatically. The weather is playing tricks on us. It may be warm now, but Mother Nature, by nature, is fickle. One day she strokes your cheek with warm temps and soft breezes. The next day she’s mad for some ungodly reason and the temps drop and the wind kicks up. But spring is coming ever closer as the days go by. We can feel it in our psyches. Kinda like rooting for the Cubs. Yeah, pretty soon, it will happen. Spring. Then spring training. Then warm weather. Then the hopes that the Cubs can try again next year.

One thing is certain… the Slinks below. Here we go…

Watson wins Jeopardy!

Human towers – Castellers

Soda brewer

Inside Pixar studios

Woz and his $2 bills

Star Wars behind the scenes

Inside the Secret Service

How to Mosh Pit and Stage Dive

Time-lapse bridge replacement

Manly designer guns

At the opera
The alphabet
The human body as as a machine

Baba Yetu
– Grammy winning video game soundtrack

Once again, The Golden Age of Video
Evolution of TechnoDance

Ninja recycling

The most powerful scifi robots

How to get struck by lightning

Shelby CODE RED Street Test

Abandoned breweries

Chicago blizzard time-lapse

Loading a train outside of Yangon, Myanmar

Ghostbusters recut trailer

Kre8ing the elite costume

Distributed flight array

Long, stabby thing

Greatest cars ever

Tuna noodle mushroom surprise

Knoword – a vocabulary game

Ford Model T innovations that matter today

Listen to the Music

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