SixPack Comics

It’s Thursday and I hope you survived “Snowpocalypse” or whetever else the media will refer to it as. I took a day off from work because I didn’t want to drive home down I-80 in the storm at 1 o’clock Tuesday morning in the middle of a blizzard. At home, all through the evening we experienced numerous, random, short power outages of about two seconds a pop. This caused me undue stress due to constant Mac reboots. Finally at about 8 pm, the power went out and stayed out for another eight hours. At 4:15 am, when the power came back on, it was 51° in the ol’ homestead. We survived but my driveway’s a mess. Nice looking though.

Right before we jump into today’s Comics, I’ll show yuz a few pictures.

Most of these photos were taken through my front window.

About 2 pm, it began.

About 9 pm it’s really blowing.

Wednesday morning, the aftermath.

The wife’s car.


Thursday it’s back to work. Here are the Comics as promised.

Click to enlarge.

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