Frankly speaking

Here we are, going into our fourth year online and our third year of self-hosting. SixPackTech is still hitting on all cylinders although some days there may have been a misfire or two. We’re still striving to improve the site and keep up with any available upgrades which may improve the readers’ experience.

Readership is growing ever so slowly, but we’re maintaining what appears to be a faithful following, all the while, closing in on 400 visits per day as shown in the stat graph above. This is nowhere near LifeHacker visits or Neatorama visits or even MissCellania visits. Nonetheless, it gives me a warm feeling inside like some beers that I’ve had.

Somewhere along the way last week, SPT went over a million page views. This is an amazing milestone, and I’m proud to proclaim it. But it’s all based on the exact moment in time when the stat counter was started. Right now I’d have a 16,000 page-view fudge factor on accuracy. I can use it for bragging purposes when trying to recruit new visitors or advertisers. But I must say that I was surprised to see that number and it set me back a bit. Get yourself a beer on me.

We haven’t changed the premise of the site since it’s inception. If you jump into the archives and grab any month, any day, you’ll see the old stuff presented, on topic, just as the new stuff is. As advertised, SixPackTech is about Beer, Cars, Tech, Humor… and a Babe or two. (And no cats.) We’re pretty much that way now, but hopefully improved and matured over what we were before with a daily featured post each day of the week. But based on the most viewed posts, the Humpday Honeys rule.

I’m thinking of changing the very top title bar into a new font and a new background. Maybe some new graphics in the rotating header. And let’s see what new, unique WordPress widget will find its way into our collective consciences and be incorporated in a sidebar.

A week ago Thursday, I tried what turned out to be a failed experiment on the site. It all started when I visited the site on the new iPad I had received as a gift for Christmas and noticed that, true to the word of Steve, no Flash videos were displayed on the device. That brought to mind once again, the “iframe” option that both YouTube and Vimeo are offering. I started embedding daily videos as iframes and they showed up on the iPad just fine. But within WordPress, when I switched from the HTML editing view to the Visual view, the iframe code disappeared. It’s a shortcoming in WordPress. I’d have to go back and reenter the iframe code.

I found and installed a WP plugin which would embed iframe video in visual mode and have it be consistent between views. I tried that for a few days… Until the video that displayed on the iPad wouldn’t play and informed me that I needed to update my Flash player. Apparently the best plugin that I had time to find was not as bullet-proof as I thought, and it was deleted. For the present time, we’re back embedding Flash videos as we always have, but we’ll keep looking for new ways to display video on mobile devices (Android included,) via WordPress as time goes on. For now, we must wait. Maybe until HTML5 is standardized and WordPress is optimized for it. I hope we’re all here for that day.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we’ve been brewing up a chocolate milk stout on the kitchen stove taking liberties with stock recipe. The beer was brewed and it was deathly black, reeked of chocolate and was very, very thick coming out of the pot. Original gravity was 1.074 and an active yeast starter was added. I’m going to call it Kayo Chocolate Milk Stout in remembrance of Kayo Mullins, the comic strip character and namesake of a bottled chocolate milk drink I used to enjoy as a kid. The Sweet Georgia Brown Ale will be transferred from the keg to bottles so that some can be given away to friends. We seem to be keeping ourselves busy, in spite of being in the dead of winter, I wonder what’s next.

Here in the year Twenty Eleven, I wish everyone the best. A special thanks comes from the pit of my chest pump and goes out to all of you who visit these friendly confines whenever you can. Thanks for stopping by.

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